Walking Billboard

We are always communicating a message. Your body movements and words are billboards to people. What you say, how you say things, what you wear, any type of action is sending a message.  The question is, what are you selling? What are you presenting to the world? The blessing is that you get to choose what that something is. Is it good character or bad values?  The Bible says, “A man will be satisfied with good by the fruit of his mouth, And the recompense of a man’s hands will be rendered to him,” (Pro12:14). What we say and do has influence on others, ourselves, situations, and God. It’s not always easy to uphold but tricky, because communication can be intentional and unintentional and we unintentional send many nonverbal messages daily. You might not be aware of your sour expression, impatient shifting or sigh of boredom but others notice them nonetheless. Bottom line, all behavior has communicative value. Whatever you do, whether it’s speaking or remaining silent, confront or avoid, show emotion or keep a poker face, you provide information to others about your thoughts and feelings. You can say we are like “24/7 transmitters that can’t be shut off.” We need to be communicative competent and be conscience of what we are broadcasting to our personal world. The more aware of our billboard life, the more we can effectively share God’s love to others and not be a stumbling block.

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