Heaven’s Billboards

Howdy Baysiders! Hope all is well in your souls this spring day. I can’t believe its already spring and summer is right around the corner, which means it’s time for watermelon, beach trips and smores at the campfire.

Jesus tells us to shine our light so that people may see our lives and turn to God in faith. This got me thinking that Jesus understood that our lives have the power to communicate a message and he wants us to be aware of that message we display to others. We are always communicating a message. Your body movements and words are billboards to people. What you say, how you say things, what you wear, any type of action is sending a message.  The question is, what are you saying? What are you presenting to the world? The blessing is that you get to choose what that something is. Is it good character or bad values? It’s not always easy because communication can be unintentional and we constantly send unintentional nonverbal messages daily. You might not be aware of your sour expression, impatient shifting or sigh of boredom but others notice them nonetheless. Bottom line, all behavior has communicative value. Whatever you do, whether it’s speaking or remaining silent, confront or avoid, show emotion or keep a poker face, you provide information to others about your thoughts and feelings. Lets ask God to give us wisdom on the kind of billboard He wants us to display. We need to be communicative competent and be conscience of what we are broadcasting to our personal world. The more aware of our billboard life, the more we can effectively share God’s love to others.

Mother’s day was a blessing to worship together with so many faithful mothers at Bayside. Thank you gentlemen for putting your efforts and gifts to making that day very special. Evangelist Brett Butler stopping by, earlier this month, was awesome as many of us went out door to door one Sunday and offered prayer to our neighbors. We all got back with great stories of small ways God blessed us by simply going out letting people know Jesus loves them. Those who are members, on June 2nd there will be a pastor evaluation after fellowship lunch, be sure to make time to participate. Thursday Night Devotion will resume June 6th, so come prepared with notes and questions from Sunday’s sermon. Our next family event will be on Sunday June 9th as we will be having arts and crafts day by decorating the church hallway with hanging Bayside pictures of the church over the years. If you have any photos on your phone you would like to see on the walls, print them out yourself and bring them to this event. Please make time to donate pictures or frames and your hands to help us make our church decorative. Also, Father’s Day is June 16th so make sure you come and worship together with all the strong and committed men of Bayside.

Grace and Peace,

Pastor Aaron ?;^)

“Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven.” – Matt 5:16