Digital Bulletin

Bayside is a paperless community with our bulletin and other paper needed documents. Upon entering the sanctuary you will see a QR code and you can use any of your devices that has a camera to scan and receive the digital bulletin. If you don’t have a device, we have a tablet for you to borrow, just ask. You’ll gain access to songs, scripture recitations, announcements, sermon points, etc. You can also acquire it right here on this tab of Bayside’s website front page.

We believe worship is not about consumption but participation, as this new way of engaging worship will evoke attention and involvement. If being honest with ourselves, many times during service we get distracted over frivolous things outside the church or unneeded matters within the church; daydreaming is the temptation for most Christians sitting in the pew. This new approach has the intention to push you towards paying attention to the liturgy and keep you from dosing off. This digital format is threefold. It’s environmentally friendly, as we will be cutting back on buying paper, thus playing a small role in reducing the carbon footprint on God’s good creation. It’s financially wiser, as we will be saving money for the church, thus having more income to spend on ministry needs. And it is esthetically doxological with our dove stain glass window now in view for prompting beautiful praise.

We are aware technology itself can be a distraction and an idol in our “quick fix” and “consumeristic” world but we also believe that technology can also be both a vice and a tool for our world and this digital bulletin is a tool to incarnate our worship as a local body of Christ. Our goal is not to maximize our church experience or to be cool tech savvy Christians but to be diligently wise with the gifts God has given to draw us closer to him.