Our Pastor

Pastor Aaron is a prolific and profound writer, authoring over a dozen books and his work has been featured on Christianity Today. He is a frequent guests on The Holy Post podcast and is a regular correspondent of religion for MSNBC. Pastor Aaron is a visiting Bible teacher at Redwood Christian School and has a current role as the moderator over the Bridges Bay Area Association, which is a guild of pastors who equip, unite, and encourage pastors around town. Pastor Aaron has also achieved, just kidding. This whole paragraph is untrue. He isn’t that accomplished or that awesome. But Jesus is accomplished and awesome.

Pastor Aaron has the privilege of serving as the Senior Pastor of Bayside Community Church. He has no greater joy than to see fellow Christians grow in their faith and unbelievers come to faith in Christ. He has a bachelors degree in Christian Studies from California Baptist University and has been in ministry for over twenty years, serving and leading in various outlets from evangelistic efforts, mission trips, Children’s Ministry, Jr High and High School to Young Adults. Pastor Aaron’s passion is for the saved and unsaved to be loved by Jesus Christ and to become the embodiment of his presence to help others also receive the unconditional, radical and sacrificial love of the gospel. Pastor Aaron is a widower with a daughter who badgers him to start dating to find a new mommy; so far he hasn’t found his Queen Esther. He enjoys exploring nature on hikes, dissecting film, discovering new music, watching the Los Angeles Lakers and Dodgers dominate, and occasionally sips on a small size cherry Slurpee.

Bayside’s motto is, “Falling in grace to talk and walk like Jesus.” We are saints who sin, bumbling gracefully towards the commitment of the words and works of Jesus. We don’t claim to have all the answers, ideas or tools, but we worship the one who does. Pastor Aaron shepherds with this motto in mind to feed, protect, and guide God’s people at Bayside to gracious still waters and the kind green pastures Jesus would lay on. While our website can give you a glimpse of what Bayside has to offer, our desire is that you can come visit and maybe decide to become a part of our community. Hope to see you at Sunday morning service.