Sermon Samples

Please enjoy the most recent and a few examples of Pastor Aaron’s sermons. We believe a sermon is one aspect of church life and encourage everyone to have a healthy Bible daily devotion with Jesus and not substitute the audio message of scripture with fellowship with the saints. We hope to see you and worship with you in person!

Christmas Humanity

November 29, 2021
What makes Christmas so special is the story behind the gifts, lights and reindeer. The story of God coming to earth to save us is the greatest story ever told.…

Thanksgiving Praise

November 22, 2021
The book of Psalms closes with a doxology of praise. It’s the climax to the devotion and faith of the man or woman who delights in the Law of the…

Peekaboo God

November 16, 2021
No human has a true complete private life. God doesn’t allow for it. This might sound intrusive but not according to David. David extols God over his deep personal knowledge…