Summer Vibe

Hello Baysiders! Hope all is well in your souls! Happy Summer and blessed are you if you wear sunscreen, for you shall never be burned.

Memorial Day is the commencement to the summer season and as we transition from spring to full on sunny days, let’s not confuse God’s sun with God’s son. See what I did there? God’s sun, you know, that fireball in outer space he created on day four of creation that keeps our planet nice and warm and makes it possible to have light in in our day, is in competition to God’s son Jesus. For the moment let’s appreciate the gift of the solar sun. So many planetary and social blessings comes from it. The sun lavishes us with its heat, no more jackets or pants, no more cold evenings when walking the dog, no more school (for those who are on summer break or graduated), no more absence of summer fruit in the grocery store. Watermelon is finally here! Big trips, sleepovers, and vacations occur in the summer time. The biggest movies of the year come out during this time of year. Fourth of July is one of may people’s favorite holiday. I can go on and on about all the fun summer vibes. Summer’s sun heats things up and makes this time of season enjoyable. Here’s my point Church, in all summer things, do them for the glory of Christ.

This is where the other son comes in. Jesus doesn’t change as the seasons change. We have many desires, concerns, and plans this coming summer but can we prioritize the right son? God’s son Jesus is similar to the gas ball in space. Both have the power to light up darkness, hold all things together in its place (gravity), and both are radiant with power. So it’s easy to put God’s son on the back burner or be in cruise control while you are at the beach. Paul says in 1 Corinthians 10:31, “Whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God.” Here is my remix of the verse, “Whatever bbq chicken or homemade lemonade, do every summer thing for God’s glory.” I believe this verse can also be said, “Whatever mundane or trivial the activity you do, let it be to the glory of God.” For most of us, summer is still the usual busy, long, nine to five schedule. Let that be for God’s glory too!

This verse reminds us seasons come and go but our instruction to glorify God never changes. In our summer pursuits, God’s glory is the goal. How we have fun and the activities we participate in matter to God. God’s sun is important but not as important as God’s son. Seasons come and go, Jesus does not. In your future bliss this season, remember God’s son saved you from outer darkness and brought you into His wonderful light. By the end of July, you will be dissatisfied and weary of the season of God’s sun. Only by God’s other son will you be rested and find true vacation for your soul.