Sermon Samples

Please enjoy the most recent and a few examples of Pastor Aaron’s sermons. We believe a sermon is one aspect of church life and encourage everyone to have a healthy Bible daily devotion with Jesus and not substitute the audio message of scripture with fellowship with the saints. We hope to see you and worship with you in person!

End Of The World Beauty

September 28, 2021
If a doctor told you had seven days to live, what would you do? How would you live with the remaining days left? Peter addresses this idea to the church…

Listening For Honey

September 5, 2021
Sometimes in our walks with God we think we are hearing from God but we are actually not listening to God; there’s a difference between the two. We only hear…

The Deacon And The Church

August 29, 2021
The architecture of the church is governed by the leadership of elders and deacon as they lead the bride of Christ to the obedience and glory of God in Christ…