Grateful Love

Howdy Baysiders! Hope all is well in your souls this November.

As Thanksgiving is approaching I considered what I was grateful for and I couldn’t stop thinking about God’s relentless faithful love for me. No matter what happens or what I do, God’s love is always there and pursing me. I am grateful for God’s love because without it I would be lost. I am grateful that God’s love doesn’t change; my love does, His love does not. And this truth is for everyone, especially for us Christians, who are his children. God’s love for us doesn’t change. The day we committed your life to Jesus, God’s love was at its full capacity and it hasn’t leveled off—and it won’t! We don’t have to be at our best for God to love us nor do we have to do anything for God’s love to increase for us. And here’s the great awesomeness of his love, even if we sin, the love God has for us will not alter or end. God is not hot or cold with his people. God chooses to love you and I because he is love (1Jn 4:8).

God’s unending love for you is like him hugging you forever with the same passion and never letting you go. I know that sounds cheesy but it’s spiritually true. John 1:12 says, “But as many as received Him, to them He gave the right to become children of God, to those who believe in His name.” God’s love cannot be earned; it must be received. God’s grace on you and his care is free to you and once you have it, it makes you free from attempts of trying to attain it. Once you’re a child of God, you are always a child of God; it’s because you have Christ’s blood running inside of you making you his and living for him. Baysiders, let us live with confidence that God loves us, no matter what. Fall in love with God because he is in love with you. When you are in love with God, then everything about him gets attached to you—his character, godly qualities, and life. Stop with this conditional love idea and fall in love with God who’s love is unconditional and faithful.

The holidays are upon us which means our calendars are about to get filled with activities. First, next Family Meeting is December 1st at 1pm. Secondly, I am excited for our annual Thanksgiving Potluck! Helen is coordinating this meal as we all pitch in with our presence, service and food donations to make this time enjoyable. Come hungry to church and think about what you are thankful for as we will all go around and sharing our hearts with one another. Another date to save is December 14th because that Saturday at 6pm we are Christmas Caroling at Atria of Foster City and will be reading the Christmas Story in the Gospel of Luke. Please make time for this outreach and show love with our voices, smiles and hugs. Lastly, we are having a Christmas Party after service on December 22nd. We will have a Christmas meal, music, an ornament exchange and an ugly sweater contest. Make room on your calendar for fun this Christmas Season.

Grace and peace ?:^) Pastor Aaron