Worship Doesn’t Stop

Hello Baysiders!

Hope you all are well in your souls in this strange and concerning time in our world. The coronavirus is haunting our world yet I am here to encourage you to don’t stop worshiping the Lord and we are victorious in all things because Jesus resurrected from the grave.

One thing I do know for us, as the church, in this current crisis, is God wants our worship. Worship does not stop, and never will. Worship is not only an earthly endeavor but a forever reality. Even after we leave this planet and enter heaven, we will still be worshiping! Psalms 29:2 says, “Give unto the Lord the glory due to His name; Worship the Lord in the beauty of holiness.”

Worship is important to us because worshiping God is the reason why we are created. Worship is more than stain glass windows, paintings, and playing the guitar. It is more than people singing songs to God with our head back, eyes closed, and hands raised in the air. These actions are expressions of worship, but they are only part of the picture; Christian worship is so much more than that. Worship doesn’t matter on the location or size and style of building, as long as it’s “in spirit & in truth” (John 4:24). Worship deals with the heart. As it’s been said, worship is not an art form, it’s a heart form.  It’s about who and what we love more than anything else. Baysiders, lets worship no matter what because is God worthy of it. What will help us in this hard time of covid-19, is worship. The more we do it the more we are connected to our creator and He will sustain us. Worship God with your mind, acknowledging that he is awesome, gracious, merciful, good, patient and our comfort in times of fear.

Due to covid-19 all church public social gatherings, activities and functions are suspended and will resume according to the advise of our state officials and when it seems wise to do so. There has also been a “Shelter In Place” order for all six Bay Area counties in place that will last until April 7th. San Mateo county is included in the six counties and as such we will follow state orders and procedures. We all need to be responsible and help others by washing our hands and have good hygiene. The good news is there will be a live stream of Sunday morning sermons starting at 11am on YouTube. If you go on YouTube and search in “Bayside Community Church Foster City,” you will find the church’s YouTube page and the live stream and other short videos for your faith encouragement. I hope you all participate and worship together by hearing God’s word through each sermon preached. This is how we stay together in this time of separation; we hear, discuss and live out God’s word. Wednesday night devotion at 7pm and Raymond’s Sunday morning Bible study at 9:45am will continue and be available through Webex! At each Webex start of every devotion and study, Raymond will send out an email. Access the email and join the study through your computer! Please reach out to me to join by email.

For tithing, you can Venmo your donation to the church by searching for “Bayside Community Church.” This is an easy, free and a safe mobile payment app that can be used on iPhone or Android users. If some of you don’t feel comfortable using this electronic tithing option than you can always send your tithe in the mail or the last option is let me know about your tithing package so I can drive to your house and I will pick up your tithe and deliver it to Wilfred.

Mark your calendar because we are having a prayer night on Friday, April 3rd at 7pm via Webex. It’s an hour of prayer and scripture reading. I invite you all to join this time of devotion as we seek God to heal and renew our world and community.

We will get through this valley of darkness if we trust God and follow his lead. Remain hopeful and connect with each other through technology. If anyone needs help with grocery shopping, moving heavy things, pick up and drop off tithing, instructions on Webex, YouTube or Venmo, please contact me and I will gladly assist you in these areas.

Grace and peace ?;^)

Pastor Aaron